Check this All-New Royal Enfield “Surf Racer”

Royal Enfield Surf Racer

Royal Enfield “Surf Racer”

The World’s Oldest bike brand, Royal Enfield, in nonstop creation, revealed another custom form mode; ‘Surf Racer’ at the fifth edition of the Wheels and Waves celebration.

Surf Racer is Royal Enfield’s version of the Continental GT bistro racer motivated by the Sun and sand way of life. The Surf Racer depends on Royal Enfield Continental GT and strips it down to the pith of a bistro racer – a definitive super light retro dashing background. At its center is a tuned engine, taking the first 535cc single engine and including a higher lift cam, machined cylinder barrels for higher pressure and another Gulf complex. Air gets sucked in through a Dellorto carb change, and spent gasses are let go out the under seat “stream” style tail debilitate.

Royal Enfield Surf Racer

The Surf Racer has a half fairing drifting over 17″ execution edges, with topsy-turvy forks and an under motor back stun, transforming the rider into a speeding projectile. Straightforward outline combined with striking illustrations express a sleek and masterful way to deal with hustling legacy, underscored by premium material and abnormal state of value points of interest, a Sinroja trademark, that includes something beyond a touch of class. Surf Racer is the ideal machine to race the dusk.’