Tata Motors sold 40,944 vehicles in December 2016

Tata Motors traveler and business vehicle add up to deals (counting sends out) in December 2016 were at 40,944 vehicles, 2% development more than 39,973 vehicles sold in December 2015. The organization’s household offers of Goodbye business and traveler vehicles for December 2016 was at 35,825 nos., a development of 1%, over December 2015. Combined deals (counting sends out) of the organization for the monetary was at 391,493 nos., higher by 7% more than 364,939 vehicles, sold a year ago.


The organization’s deals from sends out was at 5,119 nos. in December 2016, a development of 12% contrasted with 4,557 vehicles sold in December 2015. The aggregate deals from trades for the monetary was at 48,547 nos., higher by 19%, more than 40,900 nos., sold a year ago.

Domestic – Traveler Vehicles

In December 2016, Tata Motors traveler vehicles, in the local market, recorded deals at 10,827 nos., with a development of 35%, over December 2015. The traveler auto deals proceeded with its development energy at 40%, because of solid interest for the Tata Tiago, with deals demonstrating an expanding pattern.

Combined deals development of all traveler vehicles in the residential market, this monetary, were 112,539 nos., a development of 17%, contrasted with 95,979 nos., in last financial.

Domestic – Business Vehicles

The general business vehicles deals in December 2016, in the local market were at 24,998 nos., bring down by 9% over December 2015. Market keeps on staying under weight because of the effect of demonetization, which was felt crosswise over sections, especially in the whole deal payload portion.

In any case, the develop fragment kept on developing emphatically by 22% because of increment in street development as contractual workers have begun on ground execution of activities, the coal and iron mineral mining section is likewise picking up force. Transport deals developed by 59%, over a year ago. Aggregate offers of business vehicles in the residential market for the financial were at 230,407 nos. higher by 1% over a year ago.




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